September 23, 2008

What Makes a Good Rolling Mat?

By Stuart Turner


Rolling mats, or Makis, for all you ladies out there, are not dissimilar to men, and of course; vice versa! They can be useful, but you can definitely do without!

The majority of rolling mats are manufactured from pieces of bamboo, tied together with a type of string. Functions are, to roll and squeeze sushi together, enabling you to form a tight maki roll. Lovely!

There are different types of rolling mats. On one hand, you have the “cheap” kind, typically, a complete waste of space. Cheaper rolling mats, in general, have two rounded edges. “More expensive” types are available, providing more impressive results. You will find one edge flattened, the other rounded. Expensive types are not only practical but notoriously easier to use!

Alternative methods such as placing cling film beneath seaweed, after which using a spoon to flatten the rice before rolling, has proven to be an effective technique. A clean tea towel or dishcloth in place of the Makis also works wonders!

You can buy a bamboo rolling mat from our sushi store, but if spending an entire evening removing sticky rice from bamboo isn’t your favourite past time, use the sushi rolling device in the sushi magic sushi making kit

Article By Tara Korth

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