February 02, 2015

What Can You Get From Japanese Vending Machines?

By Stuart Turner

If you're obsessed with Sushi, then you might also be obsessed with Japanese culture, and it's likely you've seen the many different kinds of vending machines that Japan has. Japan has a vending machine for almost any product! After all, their culture is fast paced and modern - the Japanese people just don't have time to faff in a shop, they need their goods instant and delivered through technology! 

So take a look at some of the really cool vending machines you can visit in Japan, in the images below, and if it makes you hungry for Japanese snacks, check out our selection.

New Ties


Fresh Produce





Ice Cream


Hot Food


Fortunes and Lucky Charms


Fresh Flower Arrangements


Phone Chargers + Electricity




Cup Noodles



Which vending machine would you love in the UK?

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