September 26, 2016

Learn Japanese Through Cooking!

By Stuart Turner

To celebrate the European day of Languages this week we thought we'd treat you to a quick Japanese lesson. The European day of languages means that all countries in Europe should try a new language on this day, so let's try Japanese! 

Try and learn as many as you can and we'll test you when you come to meet us at The Restaurant Show (October 3-4-5th at Olympia London).

Of course, here at SushiSushi we're Japanese food and cooking mad in general, so lets help you out with some J-Food vocabulary. English first, then Japanese (Romanji):

Cooking Ingredients Japanese Translation

  • Cooking Oil - Kukkinguoiru
  • Noodles - Men
  • Rice - Kome / Gohan
  • Pickles - Tsukemono
  • Ginger - Shoga
  • Prawn - Ebi
  • Tomago - Egg
  • Vegetables - Sansai
  • Curry - Kare
  • Soy Sauce - Shoyu
  • Sesame - Goma
  • Tuna - Maguro
  • Salt - Shio
  • Vinegar - Su
  • Tea - Cha
  • Horseradish - Wasabi (This one gets confusing!)

Japanese Words for Western Food

Tarako SpaghettiJapan is packed with food from all over the world. Often with Japans own unique spin, such as Tarako Spaghetti (shown in the image). Here are some Japanese words you can use if you're in Japan and fancy a change from the norm.

  • Sandwich - Sandoitchi
  • Hamburger - Hanbaagaa
  • Spaghetti - Supgettii
  • Chips / Fries - Furaidopoteto
  • Popcorn - Poppukoon


If you want to learn Japanese for yourself there are many fantastic, not to mention free resources online. We think the funky blog Tofugu is a great place to start.

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