October 08, 2008

Sushi Tools and Equipment

By Stuart Turner

Sushi tools and equipment

When you make sushi for your self there are a few tools you're going to need. Some essential and some optional depending on your skill as an itame (sushi chef) and what sushi dish you're trying to make. Here is a selection of equipment you can use. Many more items are available to buy in our store

Sushi Magic - Sushi Making Kit

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sushi making kit

Rice cookers

If you're one of these people who goes to tesco's and buys boil in the bag rice then you need one of these. The rice cooker will make perfect sushi rice and any other kind of rice for that matter with the greatest of ease. Plus they don't have to be too expensive. Rice Cookers are now in stock in the sushi store

Rice Cookers
Find out more about cooking rice by clicking here

Rolling mat

So you want to make a sushi roll? Well you're definitely going to need a bamboo rolling mat. These can be picked up for a couple of quid from many many places and are vital for rolling maki-zushi rolls. Try and find one that's rounded on one side and flat on the other. It'll be a touch more expensive but the results will be worth it.

Buy a rolling mat from our store or get a rolling mat included in one of our great sushi party kits

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sushi rolling mat, bamboo rolling mat


Yes you can eat sushi with your fingers but this isn't McDonalds is it? If you want to enjoy the Sushi experience then learn how to use chopsticks! Invest in a set of bamboo chopsticks or even a few sets of disposable chopsticks and get cracking. It'll be tough at first but persevere and you'll be scoffing sushi like the best of them in no time.

Get Chopsticks included in one of our great sushi kits

Find out more about Chopsticks here


Sushi Knife

Any sharp knife will do, but for a budding itame then you need to get a dedicated sushi knife. Ideal for slicing sushi rolls and preparing sashimi. The sushi knife is a worthwhile investment to get the job done right.
Sushi Knife, sashimi knife, sushi knives
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