November 25, 2016

Wonders of the Sushi World

By Stuart Turner

I love eating sushi but even I was a bit shocked when I read about the sushi eating world record.

A professional eater (yes that's right it is an actual career) known as  Tim 'Eater X' Janus guzzled down 141 pieces of sushi in six minutes at the press launch of the Major League Eating video game.

I have tried to imagine what all that sushi would look like in a pile but it makes me a bit scared. Eater X chomped his way through nigiri rolls made of rice and avocado (no wasabi though, what a wimp) and is believed to have a stomach that expands to four times larger than normal when he eats.

The world champion chomper holds the record for eating a number of foods in record time including 10.5 pounds of ramen noodles using chopsticks in a staggering eight minutes.

This got me thinking about other sushi records and if there were any that I could have a go at. Sadly, a bit of research into the subject has shown I am not in the same league as most sushi fanatics.

The biggest sushi roll ever was 305 m long (1,001 feet) made with 240 kg of big eye tuna, 490 kg of sushi rice, 2,020 sheets of nori seaweed and took an unbelieveable 1,300 people to make.

An even madder record was broken just this year in Mumbai, India - the world's biggest sushi mosaic which was 163 square feet. Bizarrely, the previous record was held by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in Warsaw, Poland.

The mosaic took a month to complete and was comprised of 5814 pieces of sushi including: 720 sheets of nori; 60kgs sushi rice; 15 kgs salmon; 3kgs salmon roe; 5 litres sushi vinegar; 750 pieces of Inari (tofu pouches); 20 pieces of takuwan (pickled radish); 1kg Sesame seeds; ½ kg wasabi; 5kgs carrots; 15 kgs cucumber; 3kgs pickled ginger

All this research made me very hungry and, while I'm sure I have the skills to make world record sushi, I think I will stick to eating it - normal size, normal portions.

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wasabi mampi
wasabi mampi

August 19, 2009

I wish I was a professional sushi eater! I have to pay for mine!!!

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