November 25, 2016

How to Make Nigiri Sushi with Sushi Magic

By Stuart Turner

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  • Quickly and easily produces up to 8 pieces of Nigiri at once
  • Reproduces the skills of the experienced sushi chef (itame)
  • No rice mess due to non-stick materials
  • A great money saver
  • great for parties
  • Get authentic sushi easily in your home
  • Both the maki roller AND the nigiri mould included in the kit!
  • Free part colour recipe book

The new Sushi Magic - Sushi Making Kit. Makes perfect nigiri and sushi rolls every time. The sushi kit costs just £24.99 and can be bought in the sushi store Click on the image below to watch the sushi lesson video

Making Tuna Nigiri

1> Lay fish, veg or meat

Easy seafood handling, lay various seafood

in the special non-stick mould.

How to make nigiri sushi

2> Apply wasabi or sauce

If you like wasabi, or any other sauce for that matter you can apply it using the

tip of a table knife now.

nigiri sushi maker

3> Add the top mould sushi rice

Add the top mould layer and simply spoon on

the rice, compact with the press tool. With Sushi Magic there's no need to touch the sticky rice with your hands amiking it much cleaner than normal ways of making nigiri.

nigiri sushi kit

4> Remove to mould

Remove the top mould to reveal 8 perfectly shaped
rice balls, seafood and wasabi moulded together.

nigiri sushi making kit

5> Tip out the nigiri sushi

The completed sushi is easily turned out of the mould.
The sushi magic nigiri maker
makes perfect nigiri sushi every time. The sushi magic nigiri maker will also make
separate rice balls for sushi specials like uni

cups and spicy scallop cups.

How do I make nigiri sushi

6> Perfect nigiri!

Look perfect nigiri sushi! just like an expert sushi chef made it.
Sushi Magic nigiri maker is the only mould available with this ability and easy to clean hygienic design.

nigiri sushi

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