November 25, 2016

How to make sushi rolls with Sushi Magic - California Rolls

By Stuart Turner

  • Easiest home sushi rolling available
  • Makes all your favorite kinds and sizes of sushi rolls, 6, 8, or 10 pieces at a time
  • Saves money, make sushi at home
  • Great for entertaining
  • Both the maki roller AND the nigiri mould included in the kit!

The new Sushi Magic - Sushi Making Kit. Makes perfect nigiri and sushi rolls every time. The kit costs just £24.99 and is available in the store.

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California Rolls

1> Lay the ingredients

Lay out your chosen ingredients as described in the sushi magic
handbook. Grab the sushi roller handles
and bring the roller bar over the ingredients.

How to make sushi rolls

2> Roll your sushi!

The special bar holds the fillings in place.
Then when you turn the handles the sushi magic sushi roll maker evenly rolls up the rice

around the ingredients.

How to make sushi

3> Shape your sushi roll

Professionally designed moulding allows perfect and
even pressure to compact and accurately shape
the sushi roll Just like only a skilled sushi chef can.

how to make sushi rolls

4> Unroll the sushi makers mat

Un-roll the non-stick silicone mat. Using a

table knife, spread tobiko or sesame seed topping on your maki sushi roll.

maki sushi making kit

5> One perfect sushi roll

Makes a perfect compacted sushi roll. Here we've

made an inside-out California roll but the sushi magic sushi making kit makes all kinds of sushi rolls, just use your imagination!

How do I make sushi rolls?

6> Slice and Serve!

Slice and serve with freshly mixed wasabi paste. gari ginger and kikkoman soy sauce for the perfect sushi dish. The sushi magic sushi roll maker is now really easy
to clean due to its construction from hygienic materials. it's so easy!

California roll sushi

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