November 25, 2016

Weyhey For Wasabi!

By Stuart Turner

Wasabi sauce is to Japan what mustard is to America. But, surprisingly Wasabi is not only wonderful served with homemade sushi. The sauce can be wicked with classic English dishes too…


Wasabi Mash - it’s a red hot smash! Give the kids a kick this Sunday lunch by bringing a taste of Japan to your roast. Simply make the mash potato as normal and then squeeze Wasabi sauce or paste into it to your taste. You can also use Wasabi as a substitute for horseradish for a hot new taste. Squeeze the sauce into boiled, chopped potatoes for a smoking Japanese twist on potato salad.

It’s an amazingly versatile sauce that can make any dish sing! Why not squeeze some into your next stirfry. Add to mayo for a roast beef sandwich. Bloody Mary mix, anyone? Or even use it to create a cocktail sauce-like dip for shrimp.

I once made a sauce for steak using sour cream, a clove of minced garlic and Wasabi to taste. Mixed with sour cream the sauce makes a terrific baked potato topping. Toss warm pasta with whipped cream cheese, salt, pepper, and Wasabi sauce and get an instant spiced up alfredo!

And the best of all for me, especially on a Sunday morning, is Wasabi sauce with bacon and egg sandwiches. Mmmm…

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