November 25, 2016

60 Seconds With... Simon Phillips

By Stuart Turner

The northern sushi chef is on a mission to change perceptions of sushi…

I have tried very hard to bring sushi to the north of England for many years and it is still a very slow process. The main thing about sushi outside of London is that lots of people don’t really understand the concept. They still think it’s only about raw fish and don’t want to come anywhere near!

I have tried over the last year to create interest with ingredients that people can all understand, and that is why my Yorkshire sushi is now becoming so popular.

When I am asked to set-up a sushi bar at private or corporate events here in the north, I always now make sure that I have non-raw fish items readily available. Some of the most popular items are roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce sushi, chicken-tikka sushi, blue cheese and asparagus, or spicy Whitby crab sushi. These are all easily made and get people willing to try sushi, sometimes for the very first time.

I have even done some events where there is no raw fish at all and this does pleasantly surprise lots of visitors to the bar.

It takes a new approach to widen the market and if people don’t want raw fish, there is no point in pushing it down their throats. I am very pleased to be working with some great meat and cheese suppliers and together we are making some amazing rolls that get people thinking and willing to look at sushi, without turning their noses up and heading for the nearest pie shop!

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Steve Jaszczak
Steve Jaszczak

August 09, 2011

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop hosted by Simon yesterday. I must say, he is an excellent teacher and I really liked his sushi philosophy. I highly recommend you attend one of his workshops if you can.

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