November 25, 2016

sushisushi's Top 10 Japanese Food Blogs

By Stuart Turner

Here it is... The one we know you have all been waiting for...
sushisushi's top 10 Japanese food blogs for your eating pleasure.
Please report any culinary results right here!

Eating Out in Tokyo With Dominic - A brilliant guide to the best restaurants in Tokyo - where most Michelin star restaurants are in the world - FACT.

Some beautiful food photography from amazing Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong - not Japan! Japanese food is the best in the world!

Really informative Japanese food source. Our favourite post is about sushi etiquette. Read this if you are travelling over to Japan anytime soon.

This is the best site for Japanese food on the planet! Recipes galore, for everything from Chicken Soba Hot Pot to Soup and Sake Steamed Clams!

Who new there was so much to learn about the world of bento? Immerse yourself in this world with this high-quality bentography.

Loads of videos demonstrating some superb sushi skills.

Rocking chef from Japan's former Imperial capital. Check out the ice cream...

Cultural Queen Risa Sekiguchi takes us through a journey of Japanese savoury sensations.

Scientist Casson Tremor looks at the all-important issue of sustaining global fish stocks whilst continuing to enjoy our favourite foods.

Beautifully designed website with some nice videos and fun. Every day is a sushi day!


Sushi Stu
Sushi Stu

July 30, 2012

What do you guys sell?

Sushi Stu
Sushi Stu

May 21, 2013

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed!

Japanese Restaurant Scottsdale
Japanese Restaurant Scottsdale

November 27, 2011

Thanks for the post.


July 20, 2012

Nice work Sushi Stu – we are trying to spread the word about onigiri here in the UK! Never easy!! Check us out www.samurice.co.uk

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