November 25, 2016

Halloween and Bonfire Night Ideas

By Stuart Turner

Whether you are celebrating Halloween with a bang, or getting spooked out for bonfire night, sushi is the perfect partner to enjoy through the Autumn festivities. 

Pumpkin Sushi

Instead of making pumpkin soup this year, why not make sushi with your pumpkin? It's a perfect vegetable for sushi, with a touch of pepper to give it a kick. You can make a roll with just the pulp and then wrap this in another roll like on the picture, or just mix in the pulp with your rice. Carefully cut out pieces of nori for the eyes and mouth and there you have it. A sweet but spooky treat!

Toffee Apple Nigiri

Remember sushi is great for desserts as well as a tasty lunch or evening snack! This is a juicy Japanese twist on the Bonfire night favourite. Simply skin and core an apple and cut into thin pieces, pop on top of a piece of nigiri sushi and pour on enough toffee sauce to cover the apple and sink into the rice. Pop in the fridge until hardened and serve!

Trick or Sushi Treat?

Imagination is the key to making a success of this one and the kids will love it if you do! (Please post any pics on our Facebook page!) Make nigiri sushi and add horrifying toppings to scare your trick or treaters! Cut out nori into bat shapes, make ghostly eyeballs out of beetroot and cucumber, with red food colouring to make a bloody affect. Turn a prawn into a bloody finger, make tamago into the shape of a ghost and add eyes.  Like I said, the only limits are your imagination!

Miso and Pumpkin Soup

We haven't tried this one but are pretty sure it will work a treat to warm up your cockles on bonfire night. The salt of miso mixed with the sweetness of condensed pumpkin is sure to work a treat. Please let us know if you try it!

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