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November 25, 2016

Miso Megs basic dips and dressings

By Stuart Turner

Don’t drown your food in calorie-heavy dressing and sauces; liven up your dishes with a taste of Japan. These 3 basic recipes help you make something tasty out of simple ingredients that you can find direct on our website.

1) Wasabi Dip – A firey alternative to mayonnaise that goes great with fish!

All you need is:

Simply mix these 3 ingredients together until the wasabi paste is well blended and the mayonnaise has taken a light green colour. Try this as a dip for wedges and chips or serve with white fish or fish cakes as a tartar sauce alternative.


2) Soy Sauce Dressing – A simple way to enjoy classic Japanese flavours        

All you need is:

Mix equal amounts of the three ingredients together, adding sesame seeds if desired. Once mixed serve drizzled over simple green salad to give it that extra umph!

Top tip: Try adding different ingredients such as Yuzu, grated daikon or bonito flakes

3) Onion Salad Dressing – The intense aroma of marinated onion really does compliment your salad        

All you need is:

Thinly slice the onion and leave for 15 minutes, once the onions are dry place the onion and the other ingredients in a sealable container, mix well and leave them in the fridge overnight to marinate. Shake the container well and serve over any salad. The dressing will keep for several days if refrigerated.

So forget the ketchup, bin the bbq and hold back on the salad cream, these 3 tasty dips and dressings are tastier and healthier!


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