November 25, 2016

Why you should jump aboard the Japanese diet bandwagon!

By Stuart Turner

It really is quite simple, eating Japanese food and adhering to their diet can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy size. By the time you’ve done reading you’ll be asking why you haven’t been introduced to these methods sooner!

So why should you eat Japanese food? Japanese food is virtually cholesterol free, how? Well Japanese meals are high in fish but low in meat, which means not only are they low in cholesterol but they are high in other things such as Vitamin E and omega 3 which is the factor that helps to lower cholesterol.

Japanese people have also mastered the art of portion control (I, myself am still working on this!) Due to the fact that such small dishes and dainty portions are used Japanese meals give the impression of being bigger than what they actually are. At least one dish in a Japanese meal will be soup and this is practically calorie free, your typical set of sushi (7-9 pieces) only contains around 300 calories.

Cutlery also holds the key to how long it takes you to get full, by using chopsticks you are slowing the rate at which you eat which then allows your brain to notice when you feel full. This is achieved much easier when using chopsticks which are obviously more time-consuming and don't allow large quantities per mouthful.

A word of advice: Take at least 15 minutes to eat as this is how long it takes your stomach to register fullness.

Time is a big factor in the Japanese diet, people tend not to snack after 4pm and then eat an early supper at around 6pm that focuses on mainly fish and vegetables. The main meal in Japanese culture is breakfast, these always promise to be big and varied.

So there you have it, a few ways and words of advice to help improve your diet from the country that has the lowest obesity rating. Like I said, once you try these methods you’ll be asking why you didn't do it sooner!

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