November 25, 2016

Helping you get things rolling this Valentines Day!

By Stuart Turner

It’s that time of year again, the adverts are on, the shelves are stacked full of teddys and there are love hearts everywhere! Although I’m in a relationship I do find it all too over-bearing, perhaps I’m just old! But here at sushisushi we’ve come on all puppy dog eyes and hopeless and thought what better way to share it than giving you a 3 course set menu to help impress that special person this valentines day, or just to make for yourself, or even your cat if you’re one of those crazy cat people. We don't judge here!

For the starter we thought what better way to get things going than with a posh miso soup with mussels! It sounds hard but it’s so easy, as long as you have the right ingredients. No scrimping allowed guys!

The main course looks hard but is in fact really easy, now people often have the common misconception that sushi is raw fish. WRONG. The dish we thought would be great for your valentines meal is sesame chicken with soba noodles, it’s so satisfyingly simple it makes my stomach hurt.

For dessert what better way to end the night than with something as smooth as your moves, Chocolate Mousse with ginger, both considered as mild aphrodisiacs to make sure the night finishes on a high. Cheeky!

So look out for the next few blogs and we might just turn you into a Delia or Gordan over night!

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