November 25, 2016

New Tempting Treats From sushisushi

By Stuart Turner


Do you have a sweet tooth? We have some tasty new treats here at sushisushi that are bigger and better than anything we’ve had before!

If you loved our 50g packets of chocolate & strawberry hello panda biscuits then you are going to love our massive 450g tins of them! Our tasty chocolate and strawberry now come in force for your enjoyment, these cute tins are hard to resist and once they're open you wont stop until you've gone through them all. Beware, they're addictive!

We also have a new three-flavour variety box of hello panda, which still contain the favourites such as chocolate and strawberry but also have vanilla in too! They look great, taste great and they will go down well with all the family! So go ahead and jazz things up a little this Easter, replace boring eggs with these alternative biscuity treats and who knows, it might catch on!

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