November 25, 2016

5 Insanely Awesome Examples of Noodle Packaging

By Stuart Turner

When it comes to creativity, Japan is always on the cusp of amazing new developments. Everything, even the most mundane things, are amazing in Japan, including their noodle packaging! In homage to Japan's amazing cup and ramen noodle packages, many designers around the world are now coming up with innovative ways to package and celebrate the humble instant noodle, and in this blog post we've gathered some of our favourite examples. Take a look!

This geisha noodle pot is a thing of beauty! The folded packaging mimics the lovely fall of a geisha's hair, and the chopsticks that come with it look like beautiful hair ornaments.
Polar bear ramen! These cute packet noodles also come in a panda design, and we think they're delectably adorable. 
These noodles are made from corrugated cardboard and shaped like Japanese pagoda architecture. They remind us of beautiful palaces! We'd definitely like to slurp up this royal ramen.
Mr Lee is a well-reputed Japanese noodle pot brand, and this cute anime style packaging is perfect for promoting the hot and spicy noodles on offer! 
How very adorable is this fish shaped bento box? Containing noodles and tempura prawns, it's a seafood lover's dream! Imagine nipping out and picking up one of these for your lunch on the go! 
Which is your favourite noodle packaging?

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