November 25, 2016

3 Best Japanese Restaurants

By Stuart Turner

It can be tricky to find a Japanese restaurant in the UK - if you're not game for the chain restaurants like Yo! Sushi and Wagamamas, there is sometimes only one or two Japanese restaurants in the cities, never mind the towns.

There are some great advantages to choosing a traditional Japanese restaurant over a chain one - they tend to offer more intriguing and skillfully cooked dishes like Okonomiyaki and Agedashi Tofu, and the flavours are more true to original Japanese recipes - sometimes chain restaurants slightly 'westernise' their dishes and flavours.

If you're based in London, you won't struggle to find good Japanese food like you might outside of the capital. Just searching by district will bring up plenty of treats!

Here are three we find intriguing from our research...

Crazy Bear Fitzrovia


The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia isn't a traditional Japanese restauant by any means, but we've included it in this list for it's sheer quirkiness. The prices are a little higher than usual, but it's a luxury experience in decadent surroundings. Sup on one of their intriguing cocktail concoctions while you order from their extremely diverse sushi menu which accommodates for a range of dietary requirements. Or order a traditional loose leaf tea - also the perfect compliment to sushi!

Abeno Okonomiyaki


The okonomiyaki trend really needs to catch on in the UK - in Japan, you're sat around a grill in a okonomiyaki restaurant, and then given the ingredients you need to construct and cook your own okonomiyaki! Abeno stays true to the traditional way of serving and offers a huge range of flavour combinations.



Tonkotsu does one thing and it does it well - excellent and traditionally prepared ramen. They know the secret of a perfect stock which leads to a perfect bowl of ramen. They also produce a killer chilli oil which is perfect drizzled over ramen, and you shouldn't leave the restaurant without buying a pot.

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