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November 25, 2016

3 Spooky Bento Tutorials You Must Try for Halloween

By Stuart Turner

You can't go wrong with bento. Although it started as a cute way to make lunch more appetizing and filled with love for Japanese school kids, it quickly involved into something that we wouldn't judge a grown man for loving. 

Bento can be totally kawaii and made up of adorable ghosts made from cheese, but it can also be quite sophisticated and spooky. Honest. 

Just take a look at these 3 wonderful horror-fuelled Youtube tutorials for making bento ghosts, monsters, ghouls and creepy crawlies!

Pumpkin Onigiri Bento

Learn how to make a super creepy halloween bento with a tasty onigiri pumpkin centrepiece. This would be great for kids to try in the October half-term, as it's not too tricky to make, especially if you have a rice cooker. Try putting a pickled plum in the centre of your onigiri, or making some fried honey pumpkin slices to accompany the pumpkin theme!

Halloween Spooky Castle Bento


This tutorial is in Japanese, but it's quite easy to follow if you just copy what you see on screen! This bento is well thought out and includes a nice healthy balance of food groups, so it's not just pretty, it's practical too. 

Quail Egg Skulls


This easy tutorial explains how to make a little skull for any creepy bento box. It's really easy! This tutorial uses a quails egg, but you can go for half a chicken egg if you can't get hold of quail eggs.

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