October 31, 2016

SushiSushi Announces New Partnership with CleverstiX Kids Chopsticks

By Stuart Turner

CleverstiX has recently announced its supply of its child-friendly chopsticks to restaurants with SushiSushi. We are really excited to be working with such a great brand and innovate product. Children are always eager to use chopsticks when they visit an East Asian restaurant. But after a quick go with traditional chopsticks they're disappointed. They find it harder than they thought! A fork is eventually being brought out, much to their disappointment!


Fun for Kids in Your Restaurant

how cleverstix workThe award-winning CleverstiX chopsticks are designed and a unique was compared to other kids ‘training chopsticks’ (typically 2 spring-loaded sticks connected at the top). Instead, kids have fun using the inbuilt finger and thumb rings. These allow full control of opening and closing movements without the spring. Making them feel like proper chopsticks and training children to use them in the correct fashion.

The collaboration with SushiSushi and CleverstiX comes from the success of the product being supplied directly to large chain restaurants. 


CleverstiX Said:

“SushiSushi makes the exciting expansion to national distribution easy and comes after existing Take-Away stockists reported significant additional revenues from having CleverstiX on counter display – thanks to novelty and impulse purchases from customers, parents in particular, when picking up their orders. 

Eat-In establishments experienced a distinct increase in the number of family diners – mainly attributed to children wanting to return to eat at the place where they get to use the CleaverStiX“.


CleaverStiX are available to for your restaurant or take away now: Kids Chopsticks

In either Hello Kitty design or Kung Fu Panda they come in cases of 20 pieces for £3.61 a unit (RRP £8.99). 

Hello Panda CleverstixHello Kits CleversticksCleverstix display

Hello Pandahello panda cleverstixKung Fu Panda Cleverstix backKung Fu Panda Cleverstix

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