November 23, 2015

8 Japanese Christmas Gifts They'll Love

By Stuart Turner

Christmas is coming, some see it as a joy... for others, it's an occasion of forced grins as they unwrap another pair of socks. Don't put your loved ones through this any more, because if they love Japan, we've got you covered! Take a look below for 8 of our most coveted Japan-inspired Xmas gifts!

Sushi Socks

From Firebox

Ok, we know we said socks are boring, but Sushi Socks?! Wow. How could any Japanese food lover say no to these?

The Sushi Bazooka

From Firebox

Do you find rolling perfect sushi rolls a difficult task? It won't be any longer when you have a sushi bazooka. Just stuff and fire it out, then all that's left to do is slice into pieces and enjoy. 

The Ramune Gift Set

From Sushi Sushi

Ramune is one of Japan's favourite soft drinks; it's like lemonade, but slightly sweeter and more mellow. It comes in a huge range of flavours, so this cute gift set is a great way to sample them all. 

Hibiki Japanese Whiskey

From Drinks Supermarket

Japanese Whiskey is a relatively new concept compared to Scottish Whiskey, but they're already winning awards worldwide. If you know a whiskey lover, spoil them with this delicious and renowned drink.

Sushi Garden Gift Set

From Smart Seeds

Know a budding gardener who loves Japanese food? This gift set includes 9 authentic varieties of Japanese seeds, so you can grow your own ingredients for Japanese cooking. It includes Sushi Rice, Japanese Cucumbers, Soybeans, Daikon, Japanese Eggplants, Green Shiso, Black Sesame, Red Bearded Onions and Takastunome Peppers!

Japanese Blossom Hair Piece

From Maria's Flower Power

This handcrafted hair clip is a beautiful addition to any dressing table, and would be stunning worn with a Christmas Day or New Year's Eve outfit!

Kyoto Sushi Making Kit

From Sushi Sushi

The ultimate gift for the aspiring Japanese cook, this kit contains everything you need to make a fantastic meal for friends and family, including a handy cookbook with easy to follow tutorials. 

Neko Bento Holiday Set

From Bento and Co

If you want to start making someone you love delicious bento lunches, then this Bento kit is a great place to start!


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