March 08, 2015

Mother's Day in Japan

By Stuart Turner

Mother's Day is a commercial holiday in Japan nowadays, but once upon a time it was combined with the celebration of the Empress' birthday - which was first celebrates on the 6th March 1931. It wasn't until 1949 that the Japanese decided to align the holiday to be on the same date as the American and English versions.

Now Mother's Day in Japan, much like our own, is held on the 2nd Sunday in March. Children are encouraged to give their mother's gifts, and most often red carnations are given, as they are a sign of sweetness and purity - exactly what a mother should be! It's the least she should expect for slaving over intricate bento boxes all year - right?

We usually celebrate Mother's Day with such delights as afternoon tea and roast dinners, but you won't find any of that in Japan! If you'd like to do a sort of fusion between Japanese and English cuisine for your Mother this Sunday, why not consider trying out our recipe for Sakura Macarons, and serving them up with Japanese castella cake, cucumber sandwiches with wasabi mayonnaise and matcha tea!

If you'd like to go for the fully traditional Japanese experience however, mother's day is associated with egg dishes - perhaps something to do with them being a symbol of nurturing! You might like to try cooking tamago sushi, or try your hand at making omurice! 

In Japan, mother's day is called 'Haha no hi'; the word 'haha' is the informal term for your own mother - much like we use the word 'mum'! The formal term for mother in Japanese is 'Okaasan'.

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