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January 23, 2010

Sushi Without the Seaweed!

By Stuart Turner

 This is one for he sushi beginner and the sushi veteran alike. The Turkey, Bacon and Avocado Soy Cone!

It's a tasty looking thing isn't it! The difference with this hand rolled sushi (called Temaki in Japanese) is that there is no nori (sushi seaweed sheets). Instead we have cunning used something called a soy wrapper. They are made by he same people who make our nori sheets, YamaMotoYama but are made out of soy! In Each pack of Soy Wrappers you get 2 of each colour:

  • Tumeric Yellow
  • Sesame White
  • Paprika Orange
  • Original (cream coloured)
  • Spinach Green

In our recipe we've used one of the spinach green sheet sheets. Here's the recipe:

Ingredients (makes 1 cone)

  • 1 x Spinach Green YamaMotoYama Soy Wrapper
  • 1 x small squirt of QP Mayo
  • 50g sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • 25g sliced turkey breast (good quality)
  • 25g sliced avocado
  • 1/2 rasher of steaky bacon sliced into small pieces
  • 25g cucumber sliced into sticks
  • salt and pepper to tatse


  1. In a small dish, mix in the chopped sun dried tomatoes with the Japanese Mayonnaise. Season as required.
  2. Roll the Spinach Green Soy Wrapper into a cone shape by bringing the bottom corner to the top centre then rolling until an empty cone shape is achieved. This takes a bit of practice but you'll pick it up after a few trys
  3. Fill the roll with the Turkey, cucumber, avocado and bacon.
  4. Top with sun dried tomato-mayo mix.
  5. Use a Strip of the paprika orange soy wrapper to make a band around the base.
  6. Place your finished soy cone in a tamaki stand (which are coincidentally on sale!!!) and repeat to make as many as you need!

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