September 05, 2016

SushiSushi Tour de Barnsley Day 1

By Stuart Turner

So today is the first day of Our little Tour of Britton Ride to Work week. So far so good. It’s disappointingly only 13 miles from my house to work, but it feels like 30! I hope it feels shorter at the end of the week, not longer.

It looks like it’s been a breeze for Joe, mind you he’s more of a fitness freak than me and he lives closer. Excuses excuses!

I hope we don't pick up any injuries. We’ve got the Restaurant Show at Olympia in London to do from Oct 3rd-5th. 3 days of being on your feet is no good with a broken leg! 

Are any of you guys attending? If so, make sure you come and see us. If you need any tickets let us know, we have some free tickets to hand out to customers and people who want to come and see us, so just get in touch and we’ll sort it.

Ride on!

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