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September 08, 2009

Steamed Whitefish and Mango Temaki

By Stuart Turner

Temaki rolls are by far the easiest sushi to make. There are no rolling mats, moulds or complicated instructions - you just roll and go.

Temaki means 'hand roll' in Japanese and they are eaten with hands instead of chopsticks. These tasty cones of seaweed are crammed with delicious fillings and I love that they are bigger than sushi rolls so you can fit more in them.

This is an unusual recipe but I like the contrast of sweet and savoury and the mix of textures. If you want to, you can replace the mango for avocado.

Season your whitefish, cook in a steamer (electric or bamboo) and set it aside to cool.

Cook your sushi rice - on the hob or in a rice cooker - and leave it to cool before mixing in a rice dressing made of 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mirin, 2 teaspoons of castor sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt.

When the rice is cool and dressed cut a sheet of nori seaweed in half and lay it flat. Take a ball of rice about the size of an egg and put it on the sheet of nori diagonally and press down lightly.

Lay on a strip of mango and some of the whitefish and add a pinch of wasabi some chopped, fresh mint and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Fold the nori over and the roll it up into a cone and take a single grain of sticky rice to stick down the edge and hold it in place.

Temaki are perfect for buffets and should be eaten as soon as possible as the nori cone can go a bit soft as it absorbs moisture from the filling. I don't know if this is true as they are never around long enough for me to find out.

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Lizzy drup
Lizzy drup

September 13, 2009

I’ve tried this this weekend and it was amazing! Thanks!

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