What is Kanzuri paste?

February 01, 2019

The winter cold makes eating hot food appealing. Kanzuri is a traditional condiment that is made in only nigata Japan. Kanzuri is a paste that is made from chilli, yuzu and koji.  The ingredients are similar to Yuzu-kosho, however the resulting product is very different. People say west of Japan: yuzukosho east of Japan: kanzuri.

How kanzuri is made

Red chilli peppers are harvested in summer, then marinated in salt until autumn for about 2 months. 

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Then the chilli is left on the snow for 3-4 days! In this process, water in the snow will make the chilli slightly sweeter.

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80% of chilli peppers that are sold in Japan are grown abroad but in Kanzuri, they only use the chilli that grows in Niigata. After the chillies are left on the snow, they will be chopped into small pieces with mixer, then mixed with salted yuzu and koji.

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Kanzuri can be added just like yuzu-kosho, eat it with yakitori, ramen etc. From this process, chilli paste will be fermented for 3 years! Kanzuri is not sold in most parts of Japan and it is not sold in the supermarkets. It is a traditional condiment of Nigata, so if people from out side of Nigata want to buy it, online shopping is the only way to get it. This is now also true in England, we probably are the only food supplier to sell Kanzuri in the UK and Europe. Why not try this super specialist condiment?


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