5 Best Noodle Recipes to Try This Weekend

October 24, 2016

Are you craving noodles? We are. All the time. Every day we think of noodles, and it’s a constant struggle not to eat them for every single meal. We’re totally noodle mad and we adore slurping up reams and reams of ramen, udon and rice noodles.

We now live in a culture where someone in Japan can share a recipe and just minutes later someone in America on the other side of the world can be making it and eating it! That’s the beauty of food blogging, and why we love to hunt out the best recipes for delicious, umami-inducing noodles as often as possible, to add to our repertoire!

So here are five recipes from some great food bloggers featuring noodles, let us know what you think:

Chicken Ramen


Via The Cooking Jar

Mmm, ramen with the reassuring deliciousness of chicken. Doesn’t that sound perfect? This recipe calls for a block of instant ramen noodles, chicken and Shiitake mushrooms, and it’s topped with a beautifully soft poached egg – perfect if you’re not a fan of tea stained boiled eggs.

Asian Beef and Noodle Soup


Via Fuss Free Cooking

For those of you who love ramen noodles, but want to try them with a spicier broth than the usual Japanese broth this is for you. This recipe has hints of Thai green curry paste and lots of lovely aromatics like ginger and coriander. Very refreshing.

Tonkotsu Ramen with Chashu


Via My Bare Cupboard

Chashu is Japanese braised pork belly, and it’s a very traditional thing to have with ramen. This recipe uses tonkotsu broth, tahini paste and a little mirin to make a tasty broth with your noodles and pork.

Spicy Ramen Macaroni Cheese


Via The Spice Kit Recipes

Yes, this one is highly unusual, but judging by your great reaction to the Ramen Pizza we shared on Facebook, we figured you might be interested in this one. This is mac and cheese but with ramen noodles instead of macaroni pasta. Pure bliss.

Ramen Noodle Grilled Cheese


Via She Knows

Even weirder than ramen macaroni cheese is this ramen grilled cheese sandwich. We’re not sure this is a good thing, but due to its sheer strangeness we’ve included it in this list for you to try! The idea is you use blocks of ramen noodles like buns and fill the middle with cheese.


If you try out any of these recipes please let us know and share the results! We’d love to feature you.X

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