4 gyoza recipes for parties!

December 11, 2017

Try something different for Christmas and new year's party this year! Gyoza is easy to make! Even if you found it hard to make the filling and wrap them, you can use Ajinomoto's pre cooked gyoza! We will give you some cooking guide for it too👍👍
1. Tempura Gyoza (using vegetable gyoza, you can also cook this with pork, chicken gyoza )
For 5 gyoza
・65g of flower
・5g of paprika
・12cl of water
・1g of baking powder
・1 pinch of salt
or you could get our tempura batter mix
・Frying oil
1. Mix all the ingredients apart from frying bowl.  Mix it in the bowl and make tempura batter.
2. Heat oil to 180℃
3. Dip gyoza in the batter and place it in a pan
4. Cook for around 2min


2. Beetroot hoummous gyoza (using vegetable gyoza)
1 can of chick peas, drained (about 800g)
1 piece of small cooked beetroot
1 garlic clove
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
Mix all the ingredients and serve with gyoza! 


3 Salad wrap gyoza (using duck gyoza)
Salad leaves
Mint and coriander stems
1. Wrap gyoza with salad leaves with mint and coriander 
2. Serve with Hoi Sin sauce



 4. Apple gyoza with toasted marshmallow skewers ( using apple gyoza )
Toast the marshmallows and put them on the skewers with gyoza. 
How to make perfect gyoza
Ajinomoto is suggesting 4 ways to cook
・ Fry in the pan for 5 min ( This is the Japanese way )
・Steam cook for 5 min
・Boil for 30min
・Deep fry for 2:30
We suggest to steam fry for 5 min. Place gyoza in the pan and pour small amount of water and put lid on and steam fry.

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