Hyper Japan Christmas

December 08, 2017

Hyper Japan Christmas was held last weekend from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th. It is held at Tabacco Dock in london. It is an event where you can experience Japanese culture, food and entertainment. 

There were many food stalls where you can try real Japanese food, such as ramen and Japanese street food like takoyaki. You can also try some Japanese drinks and deserts too. Japanese crepe was nice. 

You could try this new ramen restaurant that is opening soon in London. It was possible to sample four soups and so that you could pick which soup you are going order. Tonknotsu ramen is very popular in England but I recommend shio ramen.  

I really liked the art sections. Some of the lightning was amazing. Of course, you can see very traditional Japanese art such as drawing and plates and fans but you can experience "cute" Japan as well. There were many shops that was selling some cute accessories and toys, showing that side of Japanese cultures. Also, you could of course buy manga and DVD.  At the J culture art workshop, you could try some craft and drawing. 

Also, at Hyper Japan, you can experience Japanese music as well. You can meet and greet some of the members too.  

Katsura Sunshine the rakugo comedian was on stage too.  


It really is an interesting event where you can try many sorts of Japanese culture when you aren't in Japan, in one day.


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