SushiSushi on Japanese TV!

March 18, 2019

SushiSushi was part of a special news feature in Nagano prefecture where the yawataya shichimi spices are made. The feature highlighted how popular the spices are becoming outside of Japan.

The son of the owner of Yawataya, Yuki Muroga brought his close friend, a famous Japanese chef, Masafumi Karaki to the UK to see how Michelin Star chef's are using the spices. It was a great opportunity for high profile chefs from opposite sides of the world to learn how they use the same ingredients in different ways.

Our own Sushi Stu organised an event where Masafumi Karaki would be a guest chef at The Raby Hunt Restaurant in Darlington, where he would cook for a full room of guests.


The feature starts in Nagano prefecture where the Yawataya spices are being sold as 'omiyage' which are small presents usually bought in Japan when travailing. The narrator also comments about how they are now being sold in the USA before introducing the UK section.

Karaki-san sits down and starts sketching up some ideas for the dishes he is going to cook at Raby Hunt, but he is concerned that even simple ingredients, such as spring onions may taste different in the UK and ruin the delicacy of the dish.

Shortly after, Sushi Stu brings them to the SushiSushi HQ for a tour of our warehouse and a few interviews. The group grab some all important premium Japanese ingredients that Karaki-san requires to entertain his guests at Raby Hunt, as well as some of our sake!

Sushi Stu

The following day, they arrive at Raby Hunt; a small, quaint two Michelin Star restaurant situated in a small village on the out skirts of Darlington. As Karaki-san is used to the hustle-and-bustle of Tokyo, he is surprised that a restaurant is able to thrive in such a small village.

Raby Hunt

The chefs at Raby Hunt watch Karaki-san, learning everything they can while they have the opportunity. After a full day of preparation, the food is served and is well received by the guests.


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