How To Make An Onsen Egg

February 20, 2017

What is Onsen Tomago? Good question! It is simply the half sliced hard boiled egg with the soft centre you see in ramen and other Japanese food dishes. They're quite simple to make.

This quick tip is brought to you courtesy of Head Chef Stephen Richardson of Katsu Bar in Bournemouth.






Regular medium-sized egg


  • Fill large pot with water and bring to 75°C (use a thermometer)  Carefully add shell-on eggs and cook for 13 minutes. 
  • After 13 mins, eggs can be cracked and used straight away or placed in iced water to stop the cooking process where they’ll keep for another 2 days in the shell.

Simple. Adding an Onsen Tamago to ramen adds richness and authenticity and it's so easy

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