Make this Halloween spook-tacular with Sushi and Onigiri

October 16, 2017

Temari-sushi and onigiri are easy to make. They look fun, perfect for Halloween parties!


Smoked salmon Jack O lantern sushi     

Halloween Food


Mix sushi vinegar to the boiled rice. Shape the sushi round. Wrap the rice ball in smoked salmon, then wrap them with Clingfilm so they keep their shape. Cut seaweed and spring onion to decorate sushi. Add cod roe on the plate to style 

Photo credit: Mizkan



 Spooky Onigiri

1 rice ball should be around 50g 

Jack O lantern: Make rice balls with ketchup, cut nori to create the face 

Frankenstein: Use green furikake for Frankenstein and square off the rice ball. 

Mummy: wrap sliced cheese on rice ball. 

Spider web: Wrap nori on the rice ball and draw a spider web with mayonnaise. 

(make the eyes with sliced cheese with nori.) 


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