Japanese mayonnaise using recipes

March 08, 2018

March 1st was mayonnaise day in Japan! We all know Japanese mayo is good on everything, and it is also nice to use while cooking! If you are wondering what the difference is between Japanese mayo and western mayo; find it out here. https://www.sushisushi.co.uk/blogs/education/why-is-japanese-mayonnaise-different
  1. Chicken with aurora sauce
1 chicken breast (you can also cook this with prawns) 
salt and pepper 
1tsp sake
1tsp vinegar
3tbsp of flour 
4tbsp of mayonnaise
1tbsp of ketchup
2tbsp of milk
1tsp of honey
1tsp lemon juice
Marinate chicken with ingredients before you cook.
Cover chicken breast with flour and fry it in the pan. 
Mix all the marked ingredients and heat it in the pan, put this sauce on chicken and it is done!
  1. Mayonnaise risotto
150g of rice
2 Asparagus
2 tbsp. of mayonnaise
200ml of milk 
Salt and pepper
Cut the asparagus and bacon. Fry the asparagus and bacon with 1tbsp of mayo. Add the rice and fry them together. Add milk and fry until the milk is not watery. Add the rest of the mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
3 Squid and spring onion in oyster mayonnaise sauce
Squid and spring onion
Oyster sauce 
(Mayonnaise and oyster sauce need to be 1:1.  Ex) if you add  2 tbsp of mayonnaise , you need to add 2 tbsp of oyster sauce) 
Shichimi spice 
Garlic paste 
Fry the spring onion and squid with mayonnaise. Add oyster sauce after and fry. Add some shichimi spice. 

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