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Burco Rice Cooker 6 L CTRC01

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Product SKU: T0789

The Burco Professional Rice Cooker can cook and keep warm up to 6L of Rice or pasta or 10L of liquids

Download the brochure for the Burco CTRC01 Rice cooker here.


  • Extremely versatile, cooks rice, pasta, vegetables, meat or fish
  • Keep warm setting can keep 10L of soups and sauces warm
  • 6L rice capacity
  • Cooks 6L portions of rice in 35 minutes and will keep it warm for hours
  • Stylish robust stainless steel construction making the unit easy to clean
  • Includes steamer insert for steaming vegetables, fish, chicken etc
  • Large easy to use controls
  • Full commercial guarnatee.
  • CE Mark



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