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Dashi is the secret to good Japanese cooking. It's that unmistakable umami flavour lingering at the back of every bite. It's used for so many different Japanese dishes, such as miso soup, ramen noodle stock and it's even used to marinate things like tofu and inari pouches.

If you are serious about Japanese cooking, this is one of the fundamental things you need to learn; how to produce a really good dashi. The kit contains kombu, bonito flakes and wakame. Kombu and wakame are kinds of seaweed, and bonito is a kind of fish. The dried fish is used to make these flakes, which imbue a delicate flavour to the stock. Wakame is not a standard dashi stock ingredient, but we've included it so you can make delicious miso soup from your dashi stock.

Please remember that due to the presence of fish (bonito) that dashi is not suitable for vegetarians. However, if you are vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to fish you can make a good dashi substitute just using kombu and shiitake mushrooms. You can get kombu sold on it's own here.

This brand new kit from SushiSushi gives you everything you need to make a tasty dashi stock!

Here's what you get: - 1 x Dashi Kombu 114g - 1 x 40 Bonito Flakes - 1 x 57g Fueru Wakame. Get the recipe for a great tasting dashi on our blog: Dashi Recipe. When you've made the stock simply add your miso paste and the wakame that you get in the kit and enjoy!

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