Inaka Dried Wakame 300 g

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Wakame is an excellent way to add something green, healthy and delicious to many Japanese dishes! This edible seaweed is slightly sweet and can be used in salads and soups; you will often see wakame used in miso soup as the texture is pleasant in soups but the flavour does not overwhelm the broth.

Wakame is an excellent health food, and is a great way to get some extra vitamins and nutrients into your dishes. Wakame is a good source of magnesium, iodine, calcium and iron, and also contains vitamins A, C, D, K and B12.

Wakame comes in a dried form and looks quite small in the packet, however the pieces rehydrate to a much larger size when placed in water. Their dried form also helps to keep the wakame fresh and usable for a long time, so it's ideal for keeping in your cupboard. Wakame can be used in a huge variety of dishes, try it with crispy fried tofu in a salad, sprinkled with sesame seeds, or use it as a ramen topping.


  • Origin: China
  • Size: 300g
  • Units Per Case:
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Inaka
  • Cuisine: Pan-Asian

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