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Meiji Hello Panda Double Chocolate 50 g (Case of 10 Units)

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Hello Panda are a popular Japanese snack biscuit which classic kawaii packaging. They are dainty buscuits with a soft, crispy shell, and in the middle of this particular pack lies plenty of rich, sweet chocolate filling. To add twice the chocolately intensity, these Hello Panda biscuits also have a cocoa biscuit shell, making them a must for chocoholics!

This 50g pack is great for snacking, and easy to reseal making it ideal for small treats for children. Adults will love these sweets too though; make sure you try all the flavours. The Hello Panda flavours stocked here at Sushi Sushi include strawberry filling, creamy milk filling and also original chocolate filling.

If you are trying Japanese sweets for the first time, Hello Panda are a good place to start for the western palate, unlike American chocolate, Japanese chocolate is not too sweet and quite similar to western tastes in cocoa content.


Biscuit, Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Seasoning (maltodextrin, Hyrdolyzed vegetable protein, yoghurt powder), Flavour enhancers, Leavening agents, Salt emulsifier, Malt extract (barley), Yeast powder, Natural colour

Chocolate Flavoured Cream

Sugar, Vegetable oil, Cocoa mass, Whole milk powder, Emulsifier, Artificial vanilla and chocolate flavourings

Allergens: May contain traces of milk and soy beans


  • Manufacturer: Meiji
  • Country of Manufacture: Singapore
  • Net weight 50g
  • Calories per 100g - 528kcal
  • Fat per 100g - 27g



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