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Kanetora Powdered Hon Dashi 1 kg

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This is a true cupboard essential if you love Japanese food, as it is so versatile and is used in a huge variety of dishes. Dashi stock is essential if you'd like to make miso soup, a ramen stock, or simply to infuse umami savoury flavour into meats, fish and vegetables.åÊ

Hon Dashi instant stock has an excellent use-by date, meaning buying in bulk won't be a problem.åÊ

Although many high-end Japanese restaurants will make homemade dashi, very few Japanese home-cooks will use anything but instant dashi powder; homemade dashi stock can take a while to make, which is a pain if you need to fulfil a sudden craving for udon noodles! With instant dashi, just bring some water to the boil, add the instant dashi powder then stir until the powder is dissolved. It's then instantly ready to use! Add tofu, meats and veggies to the broth and simmer to make delicious dishes, or add ingredients such as soy sauce, rice vinegar and mirin to creat soup bases.åÊ


  • Origin: China
  • Size: 1kg
  • Units Per Case: 10
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Kanetora
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Salt, Grape sugar, Lactose, Fish Powder, Bonito powder, Sardine powder, Taste intensifier E621

Allergens:May contain traces of shellfish



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