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Yutaka Instant Miso Soup Akadashi 3 Sachets 50g

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Instant Miso soup Akadashi from Yutaka. "akadashi" basically translated means "red stock". Dashi is the famous Japanese soup stock that's crammed with Umami where as the "Aka" part of the name refers to the rich red miso "Aka Miso".

This Akadashi Instant miso soup is deeper and richer than regular miso soup and has a more intense flavour. Each 50g pack has 3 individual portions of aka miso paste and stock that can be made ready in second by simply adding hot water (90 deg C is perfect).


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: 12 x 50g Packs with 3 x 16.6g Sachets in each pack.
  • Units Per Case: 12
  • Packaging Material: Card
  • Manufacturer: Yutaka
  • Cuisine: Japanese


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