Japanese Noodle Hamper

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Instant Noodles are a crowd pleaser, they're so simple, they're so convenient! There's really no reason why you shouldn't have them stowed away in your cupboard for emergencies, unexpected hunger and simple snackage; especially because they come as dried noodles so naturally have a long shelf life.

Although simple, all these instant noodles are delicious. There's no shame in instant noodles, they're a staple in Japan and worldwide. If you want to have them as they are that's no problem, but you can also enhance your instant noodle experience by quickly frying up a few fresh veggies to add to them. A splash of soy sauce wouldn't go amiss either.

This is the perfect gift for those moving into a new home or students, but it's also great for anyone who wants a delicious warming snack. This kit comes with a traditional bowl and chopsticks for authentic noodle snacking too.

All for a great value price.

Note: The flavour of noodles and colour of chopsticks may vary depending on availability. 


  • 1 x Japanese made bowl with lid
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Original Flavour
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Miso Flavour
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Yakisoba Flavour
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Chicken Flavour
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Shrimp Flavour
  • 1 x Sapporo Ramen noodles Beef Flavour
  • 1 x pair of black melamine chopsticks.

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