Japanese Pantry Essentials Kit

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An awesome gift for Japanese food lovers. Japanese cuisine relies heavily on sauces. There are companies such as Nihon Shokken that specialise solely on making the best tasting sauces they can. There are sauces dedicated to individual dishes that adds umami and a specific taste. Luckily, these sauce also work great on other dishes too.

In this kit, you will get 4 bottle of different Japanese sauces.

  • Kewpie Mayo 500ml
  • Otafuku Yakisoba sauce 300ml
  • Otafuku Okonomiyaki sauce 300ml
  • Bull-dog Tonkatsu sauce 150ml

A few extra ideas:

Japanese mayo works fantastically with cheese on toast and sprinkled with black pepper.

Try the Okomomiyaki sauce on some savoury pancakes to give them that kick of umami.

Tonkatsu sauce is awesome on burgers. 

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