Kintaro Sushi Rice 10kg

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10kg is one of the largest pack sizes we supply at Sushi Sushi, it's an ideal size if you're a big fan of Japanese and Asian food. Sushi rice is extremely versatile and great with many dishes, especially because of it's sticky texture when cooked; this makes it great for carrying flavours, serving with curries and using in sushi. Sushi rice's sticky texture is also idea for eating with chopsticks easily!

This larger pack of Kintaro sushi rice is more than enough to last a family for months, and buying in bulk means you're saving on your cost per portion. For this reason, larger bags of rice aren't just suitable for families, but they're great for students too who are looking for an affordable bulk-buy food that will keep you going with lots of energy.åÊ

The dishes you can make with sushi rice are limitless. It's not just suitable for sushi rolls! Try it with Japanese curries, or make it into Onigiri rice balls. You can also make sweet dishes with sushi rice like mochi, and breakfast dishes like rice porridge.åÊ

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