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Wel-Pac Kombu 114 g

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Kombu is a seaweed which is carefully dried and then used for the making of dashi stock in Japanese cuisine. The dried kombu is placed in a pan of simmering water with Kasuobushi dried tuna flakes, and a delicate but delicious flavour is imparted into the water. Kombu has a salty but savory taste which lends itself well to creating the 5th Japanese taste, Umami, or 'savoury'.

Kombu is a source of calcium and iron, and was often thought in history to be a great supplement to the diet, however, it most only use it in dashi stock or eat it as a pickle, as consuming large quantities is not recommended - this is because Kombu is extremely high in iodine, which is great for our bodies, but not in enormous quantities!

Nothing compares to a great homemade stock, and making dashi at home is quite easy when you know how, so don't forget to check out our Japanese recipes!


  • Origin: China
  • Size: 114g
  • Units Per Case: 24
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Wel-Pac
  • Cuisine: Japanese


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