KYUEMON, WAFU DASHI (Japanese Style Stock), 20g x 15pcs, 300G

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Japanese soup stock parcels are a convenient way to make a traditional Japanese stock.  Much like a teabag, place a single 20g pouch of ingredients into 800ml of boiling water for 4 mins then remove.

Why not try the iconic taste of Japan with this soup stock? “Dashi” is the most basic ingredient of the Japanese-style dishes like soup, stew and sauce. It is the essence of the ingredients’ umami and aroma extracting from katsuobushi (dried bonito), kombu (kelp), niboshi(dried baby sardines), dried shiitake mushroom, meats, fishes, vegetables, crustaceans, etc. by boiling carefully. It can be said that “dashi” is something like bouillon, fond or broth of the Western cuisine. Dishes are the combinations of “dashi”, seasoning and ingredients. (Product packaging may differ from the image).

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