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The proteolytic enzyme in Miora rice cooking powder increases the rice's ability to absorb water, resulting in moister, shinier rice that won't stick to the pan. With a quality rice cooker and this Miora rice powder, you can be sure to have excellent sushi rice every time.

To use:

  • 1) wash raw rice and measure appropriate quantity of water
  • 2) add Miora (approx. 1gram / 1.4kg rice)
  • 3) stir gently and close lid
  • 4) cook according to your rice cooker

Enzymes work inside the rice grains to allow moisture to be absorbed right to the cores of the grains much quicker than without using Miola. This substantially reduces the immersion time of the rice in water. This allows for a more controlled rice cooking process. A consistent absorption is promoted leading to a stable quality of cooked rice.

The enzymes work on the outer surface of the rice grains preventing them sticking to each other, promoting the flow of water between rice grains making small holes on the surface of the cooking rice. These are often referred to as "crab holes". Seeing these "Crab Holes" shows that hot water has circulated well during the cooking process.
As each grain of rice is equally heated the rice is cooked in the best possible way. When you handle the rice is will not feel overly sticky or sloppy. Perfect sushi rice!

The two enzymes the feature in Miola Rice Improver are:

  • Decomposing starch into sugar (ë±-amylase)
  • Decomposing protein into amino acids (a-cysteine protease Papain)

Enzymes are widely used in food production especially in Japanese foods like Miso and Sake.


Glucose, starch, dextrin, salt, enzymes


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: 1KG
  • Units Per Case: 20
  • Packaging Material: Metal
  • Manufacturer: Ohtsuka
  • Cuisine: Japanese

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