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    New to Miso, or are you a miso lover? Well this kit is for both of you! So many recipes including the classic miso soup, plus all the essential to make it. Plus, why leave miso at home? Included are 2 flavours of instant miso to take with you. Love ramen? The Miso Tasty Kit XL has you covered with 2 flavours of high quality Miso Ramen. All you need to make miso and so much more. Also makes a great gift!
  • Miso Tasty Cookbook
  • Miso Tasty Shiro White Cooking Paste (Aged 6 Months) 200g
  • Miso Tasty Aka Red Cooking Paste (Aged 12 Months) 200g
  • Wel-Pac Dashi Kombu (For the Perfect Dashi) 114g
  • Wel-Pac Dried Wakame Seaweed 57g
  • Morninga Long Life Tofu (Firm) 350g
  • Miso Tasty Spicy Ramen Noodle Kit
  • Miso Tasty Original Ramen Noodle Kit
  • Miso Tasty Shiro White Miso Soup 4 x 20g
  • Miso Tasty ​Aka Red Miso Soup 4 x 20g​
  • SushiSushi Branded Cotton Tote Bag & Embossed Gift Tag

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