Mizkan Sushi Vinegar 18L

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No need to add anything else, simply add to warm freshly cooked sushi rice to make the perfect sushi rice for nigiri or maki rolls. Instructions on how to make sushi rice are on the bottle. Mitsukan (sometimes known as Mizkan) is the world leader in Japanese vinegars.

Food Fact: Mizkan remains the No.1 sushi vinegar brand in Japan, the UK & Europe.

The company began in 1804 and is still family-owned and now run by Kazuhide Matazaemon Nakano VIII.


  • Origin: USA
  • Size: 18 Liter 
  • Units Per Case: 1
  • Packaging Material: Bag in Box
  • Manufacturer: Mizkan
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Sugar, Spirit vinegar, Rice vinegar, Salt, Cane Molasses.

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