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It's mochi madness! This fantastic gift hamper contains plenty of delicious Japanese mochi in many different and some traditional flavours. Mochi are small bundles of sweet, pounded rice which turns into a sticky dumpling. They are filled with various flavours, and in this instance, filled with grape, mango, sesame, peanut, red bean, black sesame and taro.

Traditionally you will find red bean paste is a highly popular filling for mochi in Japan, but some do prefer the modern, fruity flavours. The great thing about this kit, is that if you've never tried some flavours it's a good opportunity to sample them all. Why not invite your friends round for Japanese beers, sake and mochi tasting!

Or if you're a major mochi aficionado, then treat yourself to this kit and nibble away at sticky, gooey, delicious mochi all day long. They make the perfect snack for movie watching or gaming, but they're also a fantastic after-dinner sweet for dinner parties - serve them with matcha lattes instead of coffee!

This huge kit is crammed with loads of different flavoured mochi! From grape to red bean and peanut to mango, you're definitely not short on variety when it comes to SushiSushi!

Here's what you get: 1 x Grape Flavour Mochi 180g 1 x Mango Flavour Mochi 180g 1 x Sesame Flavour Mochi 210g 1 x Peanut Flavour Mochi 210g 1 x Red Bean Flavour Mochi 180g (Handmade) 1 x Black Sesame Flavour Mochi 180g (Handmade) 1 x Taro Flavour Mochi 210g

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