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Nishiki Sushi Rice 2.5kg

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Product SKU: R0030

This 2.5kg bag of Nishiki Premium Grade Sushi Rice is fantastic value. If you eat a lot of Japanese and Asian cuisine generally, buying sushi rice in bulk is a great way to quickly make big savings. This bag will last though plenty of meals and help to keep your family fed with delicious, satisfying and good value meals.

Did you know the Japanese have one of the longest life spans in the world? It's been attributed to their diets; plenty of lean protein like fish, veggies and rice. Rice fills you up and keeps you going, and there's no tastier way to eat veggies than in sushi rolls!

If you'd like to eat more healthy Japanese food and encourage your family to, invest in one of these larger 2.5kg bags of Nishiki sushi rice, and you'll have a staple carb to keep you going through many meals.

Remember to buy nori sheets and rice vinegar too if you're going to make sushi!




  • Origin:
  • Size: 2.5kg
  • Units Per Case:6
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Nishiki
  • Cuisine: Japanese


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