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Nishiki Premium Grade Rice 20 kg

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Are you looking for wholesale sushi rice for catering? Here at SushiSushi we offer one of the largest ranges of wholesale Japanese products for Japanese food restaurants and take-aways. Whether you're a large business who need several large bags of sushi rice or a small cafe who just needs a reliable supplier, we can help!

Is you're looking for wholesale sushi rice, you can't go wrong with Nishiki. It's a premium grade, high quality sushi rice that will always produce fantastic dishes. The rice is an authentic Japonica variety which is grown in California. It's the USA's most trusted sushi rice brand, and well-respected in the industry.

This 20kg bag of Nishiki sushi rice will cater for many dishes and offers an excellent price per portion when bought in bulk. The rice also stores extremely well if stored in a cool, dark place, so you don't have to worry about buying too much and wasting it.


  • Origin: USA
  • Size: 20kg
  • Units Per Case: 1
  • Packaging Material: Paper
  • Manufacturer: Nishiki
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Rice 100%




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