Nishiki Premium Rice 4.54 kg

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Nishiki is one of the most popular sushi rice brands in the world, and it's easy to see why. They only sell the best product in premium grade to ensure your Japanese dishes are always of the best quality.åÊ

This large 4.54kg (10lbs) bag of Nishiki sushi rice is ideal for keeping in larders to feed families, but it's also a great size for anyone in catering or looking to cook for a larger party. If you use this large bag for household cooking, it's a much cheaper alternative to buying smaller packs of sushi rice frequently. Nishiki sushi rice 4.54kg has a great shelf life, so with proper storage this larger bag will last you though many meals.åÊ

Why not invest in a large bag of sushi rice and start eating more Japanese cuisine at home! It's an extremely healthy, low-fat diet, but you'll find it's delicious and filling. Rice is an excellent meal any time of the day, whether you have Japanese style rice porridge in the morning, or a simple bowl of rice and pickles to see you through lunch.


  • Origin: USA
  • Size: 4.45kg (10 lbs)
  • Units Per Case: 1
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Nishiki
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Rice 100%


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